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About Tarot


A Celtic Cross layout of tarot cards on purple fabric

Tarot is one of our best collections of shared spiritual wisdom. Each card embodies the archetypal energy of our ancient myths and stories. When looking at comparative mythology, it is always interesting to find similar stories across cultures which had no historical contact.

Most people view Tarot as a divining tool that only a psychic can interpret. Today, there are many Tarot decks and other oracle cards used by enlightenment seekers which allow one to explore a higher state of awareness.

Like dreams, many oracles can be used to open a dialogue with one’s inner wisdom. Whether synchronicity, the higher mind's way of seeking an objective view aside from ego, or providence, many people use oracles to push past their limited view of what they already know.

Dreams show the exact opposite of what we believe to be true about ourselves. It is as if we have two minds: one that is organic, survival driven and seeking only to hold to the status quo. When ego recedes during sleep, a more profound awareness emerges which seems to know us better than we know ourselves.

Through symbols and Archetypes we explore our paradigm and are given clues that allow us to transcend blockages. Using oracle cards like Tarot can provide the same objective exploration.

We chose the Rider Waite deck on this site because they are rich in the common symbolism of the Collective Unconscious. The Fool can embody the mythical story of Parcifal and The Fisher King with all of its messages about following one’s instinct rather than conform. The Hanged Man is similar to Odin who hangs himself on the World Tree to obtain enlightenment. In fact, all of the cards are infused with our common myths and Archetypes.

The High Priestess is like Virgo and is also similar to Isis, Mary and Innana. The Moon can embody the message of Neptune in Astrology, the way our dreams speak a language that appears mysterious or how the subconscious can be set in an attitude that is at odds with our real desires.

Dreams provide a safe environment to explore our fears, and using oracle cards, we are presented with ideas that might reveal a different way.

Each card is an Archetype or scaffolding which takes on the flavor of aspects of transformation. They point to a specific area, an issue, perhaps something you are not seeing – but the interpretation will be unique to you.

For one person, the Magician can be a message about becoming more empowered, while for another it can suggest taking a mastered talent to the next level. It is important to never rush to judgment until you have looked at how the card best matches to your current condition.

Our free online Tarot Reading allows for three different types of readings:

You can pull a Daily One Card reading as an answer to a question, as the Archetype of the Day or simply to get an idea of what to focus on at this point in your journey.

The Past, Present, Future reading allows you to explore the events over a time period in order to focus on changes you may make in the future.

The most comprehensive reading is the Celtic Cross. This reading allows you to look at many of the influences affecting your question, conscious, unconscious, the effects of those in your environment, what blocks you and what might be changed to arrive where you want to be.

In your reading, be sure to click the Card Detail link to read more about the card beyond just keywords.