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Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups Tarot Card

Aces are associated with beginnings. The Cups are like the Astrological Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) who can be highly emotional and artistic. In business settings, they would be the customer service sector. They work to ensure that emotional needs are met in developing the cohesiveness of the group.

The Ace of Cups focuses on new beginnings in the emotional arena. Therefore, often the Ace of Cups will appear when an opportunity for love comes out of the blue, much like the hand emerging from the cloud.

Any type of gathering where feelings are shared can be highlighted by the Ace of Cups, like the birth of a child, a christening, marriage or even a graduation.

Cups are also associated with creativity and arts. Wands people are often writers, Swords can be scientists and Pentacle people invest in properties or sensually tangible items. Cups people are motivated by emotion and deep feelings such as musicians and painters. There can be a melancholy and manic leaning in Cups people when approaching the creative process.

The Ace of Cups can show an emerging period of this type of inspiration that is emotionally overwhelming but rewarding. If you have any artistic leanings, you are being coached to give it expression. Whether or not you are ready to open your heart, a situation may unfold to teach you more about your emotions. This is a wonderful card to receive in relationship readings as it shows the beginning of romance or the possibility to open to love.

Keywords: The beginning of a new romance or a new creative idea. Art and passion. Abundance, fertility and celebrations. Proposals, marriage and child birth. A commitment to give birth to artistic ideas. Happiness, joy and satisfaction. Feeling loved and sharing love. 

Reversed: Unrequited love, sorrow in a relationship or feeling abandoned. The end of an affair. Miscarriage or infertility. Artistic ideas going unrecognized. An inability to support oneself with their art. Disillusionment and pain. Not open to love.