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The Chariot

The Chariot Tarot Card

The Chariot is similar to the I Ching hexagram #7 Army. A situation is unfolding where the will is taking precedence over emotion. It can portray a self protective attitude that appears when another is frightened by your actions and therefore retreats.

There is a force active in the situation that is beyond your control to manage. You may feel like you are banging your head against a wall as if the wall will break before your head does. Chances are you are no match for what you are attempting to control.

The Chariot appears when sheer willpower is believed to be the answer to a struggle. Sometimes it is. Other times, we must admit we are powerless to understand it. Therefore the Chariot appears as a message about compulsive actions in you or another.

There are times when the Chariot is the driving force necessary for success if you can align your will with the inner certainty that the situation is right for you. Is this truly what you want or are you in a battle of wills seeking only to win? There is enormous power available but unless you are able to harness your diverging ideas: fear, desire or need, into purposeful action centered on truth, you may find that the Chariot is a brick wall.

The Chariot appears in dreams as the transportation symbolism that shows the current state of your motivation. Are you driving? Is your car parked? Has it lost its breaks so that you are at the mercy of your own compulsions? Dreams of trains can show how ambition was already ‘laid down’ for you in the expectations of others.

Water vessels can show the current condition of your emotional well being. The Chariot is associated with movement and motivation. Sometimes a new vehicle is under consideration. Other times it can show how you make a bold move to another location. Work may require that you move.

Regardless of what form it takes, the Chariot is like the planetary energy of Mars, the libido and the will to power. If the power isn’t under your control then it can be a scary ride. Consider your will and motivation in the current situation and ensure that you are making sound and logical choices rather than being swept up by compulsive desires.

Keywords: Moving house or changing careers. Control and will power. Aligning heart and mind. Overcoming difficulty. Success. The willpower to succeed. Meeting the result of aggressive behavior and compulsions either for good and bad. A capable team leader. 

Reversed: Futility in applying aggressiveness and domination. Pushing ahead without a plan. Meeting resistance. Not moving forward or a need to go back. Unplanned house move or career change. Scattered energies of a team losing faith in direction. Floating without direction.