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Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups Tarot Cards

In life, we build all kinds of situations that fulfill us. One of the hardest challenges we face is knowing when to move on. Unhappiness is not something to be feared. It is the hunger pain for change. You may not know what you do want, but you see clearly what you don’t want.

Perhaps nothing is really wrong with your situation, but you feel disenchanted and want more out of life. In relationships, the Eight of Cups shows separation or someone leaving. Since the Cups are all stacked neatly it can be an amicable parting where both people recognize that the journey together has reached an impasse.

Perhaps you have given notice at work and are seeking a position that better reflects your abilities. Compared to the Four of Cups, there is no great gift available in staying in the situation. Compared to the Six of Swords, there is no crisis we are running from. The time has simply come to make changes that will lead to greater fulfillment.

Sometimes what we leave behind in the Eight of Cups are the attachments we have for the material world. We might clean out our storage locker or garage and lighten our load. We may embark on a soul seeking journey toward enlightenment leaving the corporate world behind.

There is travel and a desire for a deeper connection to life associated with the Eight of Cups. After our travels we may return to a relationship or job ready to take it to a deeper level. But the message of the Eight of Cups is to take that journey, no matter for how long or how far.

Keywords: Feeling disenchanted and a lack of fulfillment which leads to moving on. Searching for a deeper connection to life . Selfishness alienates partners and one packs up and leaves. Standing up for your unique calling in the face of those who prefer you conform. Can suggest taking a relationship to a deeper level. Self analysis, a spiritual quest or a need to find yourself. 

Reversed: Pretending you are happy and a fear of making a necessary change. Leaving and returning to try again. Disappointment in travel leads you back to the known. A refusal to leave a stressful relationship.