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Eight of Swords

Eight of Swords Tarot Card

The Eight of Swords will appear when someone is feeling victimized or cut off from life. The Swords continue their conflict theme in the Eight, but with the message that you are feeling trapped while there is nothing preventing you from just leaving the situation.

Eights in dreams are often a homonym of the word 'ate.' In the I Ching, the hexagram associated with "Corners of the Mouth" explores how to understand a person, you must understand what they 'eat' or are focused on. In other words, "you are what you eat." Your life is a reflection of where you focus your energy.

In conflicted relationships where others are pushing our buttons, we can change the circumstances by realizing that we don’t have to react to the drama presented to us. Instead, we allow the drama to reveal what we are protecting and why.

A good mantra for the Eight of Swords is “nothing anyone does or says is going to make or break my day.” The woman in the Eight of Swords card could easily just shake the ropes free and move onto greener pastures. By remaining in the eye of the storm she is serving nobody and especially not herself.

This card can appear when we are in an abusive relationship and unwilling to just go. Sometimes the situation of feeling trapped or immobile is real when we have broken some sort of law and have to face the punishment.

Without a doubt, life can feel like it has taken a turn for the worst when the Eight of Swords appears, but the situation is not as dire as we imagine. The Swords call for honesty and only by looking squarely at our inner condition of victimhood can we begin to change it.

The psychological entrapment indicated by this card can suggest a need to seek clarity through the services of a professional such as a psychologist or lawyer. Empowerment is arrested and we need to understand why. Generally, a simple change in outlook will return us to joy.

Keywords: Playing victim when you have put yourself in a situation you knew wasn’t right for you. Feeling powerless with no opportunity for escape. Taking responsibility for making necessary changes to find fulfillment. Not acknowledging an abusive situation or rut. The need to look at your situation honestly for solutions that will lead to more fulfillment. Psychological entrapment. Hands tied, lawsuits and persecution. 

Reversed: Freedom, escape and opening your eyes to the truth. Standing up for yourself in an abusive situation. Vindication and new found freedom. Clarity of though, optimism and feeling strong mentally.