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The Emperor

The Emperor Tarot Card

The Emperor is an Archetype that is associated with empowerment. He can represent father figures, bosses or any strong, virile male energy that focuses on the power to succeed.

His acute business sense can be a message about the need for organization and planning. If you want to achieve results then ensure that you are not just focusing on tasks without an end goal in mind. Like any entrepreneur, he would tell you that goals need to be specific and actionable.

A careful look at the return on an investment might be necessary rather than just running after your whim. He would also teach you how self esteem is closely tied to goal achievement. If day after day you do nothing to reinforce your power for success, even in small steps, of course you are going to feel your self esteem diminish. Accomplishment increases self esteem. A lack of accomplishment because of unrealistic goals or a lack of planning will only make you feel powerless.

His love message may be a bit harsh, but he has your best interests at heart. Like a father, his meaning rests in how fulfillment can be achieved by understanding what you do each day. It would be impossible to play the victim role in the presence of the Emperor because his focus is to show you the truth; that only you are responsible for whether you succeed or fail.

He can ask questions about where your power resides currently. He can suggest that perhaps you have given someone else the power to run your life. As a person, this would be a boss or very dominating figure similar to dreaming of riding in a car while another is driving you. In dreams this shows that we have given our motivation and future direction over to another.

When the Emperor appears, empowerment is out on the table. It can appear as issues with a boss or someone who has power over you and how you might best understand this energy. What is your relationship to authority?

The Emperor blends the planetary energy of Jupiter and Saturn in a balanced way where joy and fulfillment are best achieved when you stop blaming and take responsibility for what you do. If you feel powerless in a situation examine whether you have given your power away.

Keywords: A father figure, mentor or boss. Days and weeks ahead affected by decisions made in the here and now. Careful planning needed. A solid foundation for business. Sound advice. Relationship with a powerful and successful man. A domineering figure in your life. 

Reversed: Being dominated or controlled by another. Inflexibility in thought. A tyrant. Disempowering situations.