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The Empress

The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress is associated with the fifth house in Astrology where creativity, children and all the fruit of passion takes form. This is also the house of play and romance. The Empress is the benefactor of artists or the Muse within that ignites imagination with fire. This faculty can be rooted in abundance or scarcity so her purpose is to cultivate abundance in the spirit of the planetary energy of Venus.

Her message can be to remember that ‘love is all there is’ so let your worries go. A sense of Grace is the easy way we relate to others because we are not wrapped up in what we get in return.

Joyful celebrations and inspiring atmospheres abound when she makes her presence in a reading. If you are an artist, her energy can be viewed as guiding you to express your joy in your work. Even artists that court a melancholy type of inspiration can’t deny the joy of bringing vision into tangible form.

She can relate to issues involving childbirth and children. She can portray all of the ideas you adopted from your mother. The Empress embodies the fullness of femininity where sensitivity toward others takes the form of mothering or being the domestic goddess who’s only concern is that everyone is satisfied and has what they need.

After a period of retreat or introversion, the Empress can symbolize the need to become more sociable again. If you have become depressed or negative, she reminds you that all the fun you used to know is still out there waiting for you.

Perhaps you attached yourself to an unrealistic expectation and withdrew. Nothing has changed in the outer world and life is still bidding you to come out and play. Social invitations should not be ignored and you have an opportunity to use all of your senses to take life in.

The Empress is a very earthy type, someone who heals using the gifts of the earth or any career that utilizes the senses.

Keywords: A generous and beautiful nature. One who cares for others with an attitude of abundance. Fertility and childbirth. Connecting with nature. 

Reversed: Not acknowledging your attractiveness. Creative block and failure in creative projects. Neediness that keeps you seeking instant gratification. Being selfish or cold to others. Not recognizing your beauty or inner worth.