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Five of Pentacles

Five of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Five of Pentacles can show a downturn in financial well being that can come from a job loss or poor work ethic. The couple in the card have become destitute and are unable to find comfort even in their spiritual outlook.

There may be differences in age or economic standing between two people in a relationship, so they remain outcasts from normal social circles. Sometimes a couple will stand beside each other whether as friends or lovers through thick and thin and this card symbolizes a commitment of life long support for each other.

Where the financial picture isn’t perfect, the statement of love and commitment is powerful. However, this card can also appear in dysfunctional relationships where one partner is suffering and the other attempts to carry them while neither achieves success.

The man on crutches can refer to how addictions can create an unfulfilling co-dependency. One partner can remain in denial while the other becomes symptomatic of the unhealthy condition. If this card appears it may be time to look closely at your lifestyle and stop behaving as a victim.

You may need to see the value in your relationship beyond material possessions. You may feel lost after an emotional breakup where you stood up for your pride, but remain alone. You hold the power to turn your life around through an evolved spiritual outlook.

Discipline, hard work and the ability to look honestly at a lack of fulfillment or how you self sabotage may be necessary before life can take on more meaning.

One may be in a relationship that sacrifices the normal material pleasures for something more spiritual. Whether the card is positive or negative really depends on how important the material world is to your idea of love and success.

Financial stress is a real condition but if you are in a relationship that honors simplicity there is still comfort to be found in the Five of Pentacles. Because there are two people in this card, co-dependency must be examined against interdependency. For a partnership to thrive, both must be whole in themselves enough to offer true support to the other.

Keywords: Feeling homeless or cut off from support. Loss and wandering. Insecurity in finances or uncertainty about future direction. Spiritual malnourishment. Hard times. Charity and neediness. A dependent partner you must support. Committed in sickness and in health. 

Reversed: Letting go of an unhealthy relationship. Light at the end of the tunnel after hard times. Finding support. Release from an oppressive or difficult situation. Walking away no matter the cost.