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Five of Swords

Five of Swords Tarot Card

The Five of Swords shows a man holding all the Swords while others are leaving his life. This card appears when you are doing things that would be considered selfish by others.

Perhaps you made a choice in the past to defend some principle and are now feeling the repercussions of the loss of a valued friendship. Whatever ‘idea’ you held to be so important is certainly not worth a sense of feeling alone.

The Five of Swords is a warning to stop behaving so selfishly. If you are putting work over your relationships, you may suffer the loss of your loved ones by doing so.

Whatever the situation, it is important not to always think in terms of your needs only. Others will begin to feel that they will never be heard unless you demonstrate clearly that you can hear them.

On a positive note, someone may respect you for taking the less popular route and standing up for yourself. You drew a line in the sand and didn’t waver so others see you as a person who lives by your word. Whether or not you feel cut off from other will be the deciding factor on which message is correct.

Keywords: Sticking up for yourself at the expense of losing relationships. Others retreating from your life because of your actions. A selfish attitude that isolates. Self preservation and taking a stand to remove yourself from abusive relationships. Surrender. Drawing a line in the sand because of principles. 

Reversed: Communication and compromise. Finding a win/win situation. Bullying and brow beating. Fighting until the bitter end. Obsessed over an issue that needs to be forgotten.