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Four of Cups

Four of Cups Tarot Card

The Four of Cups appears when we have become self absorbed or detached from the world. Isolation has become an issue and the man in the card has little interest in what is around him, as if his preconceptions and expectations have led to disappointment.

The hand from the cloud holding a cup is a sure sign that there are great gifts you are missing because you have become disinterested. This card can appear to signify apathy and boredom when someone believes that the grass is greener elsewhere.

Perhaps you have become disillusioned and while love is being offered in the way of a new relationship, you prefer to sulk about a relationship that is over. Perhaps you are being too critical of your partner or your partner has become disinterested in what you are offering them.

This card embodies the idea that what we believe - we experience, and if we expect disappointment or conflict we will meet it. If we are afraid of losing someone we will create the very circumstances that lead them to go. This card is a wake up call. The good news is that the only thing required to change this sense of standstill and apathy is to stop thinking so much about yourself.

Many people on a spiritual or self help path can become so detached from the real world, they miss exchanging joy with others and suffer isolation. The universe is always reaching out to us if we just lift our chin and look up into what it has placed before us. Each morning the carriage appears at our door. If you can release expectations and follow, all sorts of surprises await.

Keywords: Apathy and boredom. Not recognizing the gifts one has and feeling that the grass is greener elsewhere. Divine influences guiding you of which, you are unaware. Disillusioned, withdrawn or depressed. Present not meeting your expectations and desires even while you are on the right path. 

Reversed: Interest and recognizing the value of what is unfolding. Taking more interest in the situations and people in your life. Returning after exploring greener pastures. Faith in following where life is leading you.