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Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles Tarot Card

This card is sometimes called the miser card because the man in the picture seems to have blocked off all of his chakra centers with pentacles. It would seem that money or possessions have become more important than anything else.

A person living in this sense of scarcity will create the very situations that validate it.

The message of the Four of Pentacles can focus you on the need to protect your finances or investment if you are spending recklessly. However, a person who is solely focused on material benefit doesn’t share much in the way of emotion or empathy.

The Four of Pentacles can show clinging to whatever one feels makes their life more secure and can be unhealthy. In relationships, this can show a person unable to connect with feelings or move out of their safety zone to become more intimate.

In work, it can show a lack of fulfillment in work other than paying the bills. The Four of Pentacles takes the security and sustenance portrayed by pentacles to an unhealthy level. However, 4 is a symbol of foundations so the card can appear when the foundation of your ideas is being transformed.

Keywords: Protecting resources and assets. Too much emphasis on material possessions. Greed or financial concerns taking precedence over relationships and quality of life. Fear of scarcity and rigidity affecting health. 

Reversed: Letting go, sharing and generosity. Gambling, reckless spending and an easy come/easy go relationship to money. A change in outlook that can lead to greater fulfillment.