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Four of Swords

Four of Swords Tarot Card

Whether or not you are aware of the need to turn within or pamper yourself with down time, the moment is approaching where you will have that opportunity. We are not machines and while we think superiors love the fact that we don’t take vacations or burn the midnight oil, eventually we will burn out.

Being sick is not a good condition, especially when the body seems to manifest some sort of illness to force you to take a time out. The message of the Four of Swords points to a need to retreat and relax.

Perhaps you are riddled with anxiety over difficult decisions. You will find the answer by taking a walk in the woods or taking a day off. The answer will elude you if you keep going through the same busy routine each day.

The Four of Swords can appear when you are considering a regimen like yoga or meditation to balance out your life. You would be wise to recognize how the spiritual, mental and emotional minds all need expression and validity in your life.

Nature balances out its extremes sometimes through natural disasters. Don’t wait for events to lead you into a period of retreat. Take the initiative to balance your life so that you have more stamina. Ensure that you are getting the proper rest and that your diet ensures longevity.

Keywords: The need to retreat to recharge. Taking time off to heal whether emotional or physical. Beginning meditation or focus on inner world. Can indicate being temporary detained in hospital or legal affairs. Low vitality and a retreat from action. Exhaustion and burnout.

Reversed: Re-engaging life after a period of retreat. Feeling better after illness. A need to sleep on it. A patient and thoughtful response. The need to seek help or assistance in healing.