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The Hermit

The Hermit Tarot Card

The greatest thing nature can teach us is that periods of active achievement can only be sustained or given value if we take time to retreat and recharge. We may think that burning the midnight oil makes us valuable to our superiors, but if we don’t take time out for our personal life we will burn out.

The Hermit is similar to the I Ching hexagram Return, where we are reminded that during solitary times we grow the most. Everyone knows that we grow the most in between relationships, so even if we feel the loss, we can take the time to work on ourselves.

The 12th house in Astrology is viewed as the house of ‘undoing,’ but we must sometimes cast aside the ego driven Persona to access the deeper layers of who we might become. This is necessary before the energy shifts into the rebirth of the 1st house. In this way, the Hermit is often about a necessary time of soul searching. When the Hermit appears, a period of withdrawal from outside interests may be approaching.

Embodying Aquarius and a non conformist attitude, you may need to pioneer ahead with only your vision. In relationship readings, the Hermit can suggest long periods apart or a need for space that allows the relationship to move to the next level.

Some people can spend time alone and not feel lonely others can sink into depression when their outward social life diminishes. Receiving the Hermit is a clear message that you or another requires a ‘time out.’

Associated with spiritual development, it may be time to explore some type of retreat that allows you to connect with your life path. Often in dreams, we will move from exploring buildings (work) or transportation vehicles (motivation) and even conflict (attack and being chased) when emerging sides of us are undergoing change. Afterward the dream tapestry will be filled with more earthy structures, missing our shoes or exploring forests.

Walking barefoot, we are like the Sage of ancient times retreating to the mountain top to reconnect with the roots of who we are. The message of the Hermit promises that a period of soul searching and retreat is necessary to connect with your higher purpose.

We often join groups because of the ways we are alike yet discover our differences when interacting. In the same way, time alone is sometimes the only way to discover our inner drummer. Let outer concerns go - travel within.

Keywords: Isolation and soul searching. Choosing to walk a path alone. Non conforming behavior. A need to withdraw and heal for spiritual reasons. A relationship with long periods apart. 

Reversed: Feeling lonely and cut off from others. An outcast or sense of not belonging. Spending too much time alone. Arrested development in emotions.