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King of Wands

King of Wands Tarot Card

The King of Wands is the master of the entrepreneurial spirit. His bootstrap approach to making things happen can be a message that nobody but you can change the course of events. As the ultimate judge in whether your ideas are sound, he can appear as a type of validation.

The King of Wands is an expert negotiator. He may not be an artist, but he knows how to sell an artist's work. He can be an agent of some sort, acting as an intermediary between what the cups are creating and whether the pentacles can make money. His education didn't necessarily come from academics, but he is a master.

As a father figure, he can be a boss or mate who inspires you to try new things and to become more confident. In relationships the King of Wands abhors routine and needs to feel that the relationship is invigorating daily.

For work readings, the King of Wands can appear when you are thinking about starting your own business and suggests that a commitment to your vision will allow you to succeed. He can represent creative, sales and marketing opportunities or negotiations where you must demonstrate your talent through social platforms and marketing.

An idea is only meaningful when it finds a market. His own wand is blossoming because of his dedication. As an entrepreneur of the highest level, he offers a message about networking. As a partner, he might not like the idea of commitment, but he is passionate about life.

He is Fire in its highest form and he is successful. He knows that beyond material rewards, life becomes meaningful only when we are passionate about what we are doing.

Keywords: A visionary leader or entrepreneur in business. A fatherly figure who inspires and instills confidence. The height of a transformative journey. A Trickster character that uses shock and the unexpected to jar the status quo. An established business person with refined sales skills.

Reversed: A non committal male. Being dominating, pushy or over-bearing. A false sense of pride. Using others to serve your own agenda. Failure because expectations are too high. Inability to make an important change in your life. Unworthy suitor and one night stands. Lack of commitment.