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Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups Tarot Card

The Knight of Cups shows a person coming into your life who wants to pursue you or offer you an opportunity for emotional exchange. Since the Knights are associated with movement, love can be coming or going in your life depending on the position.

You may be getting a message to move forward in creative pursuits. Romantic evenings, candlelight, sharing laughter, all of these are the gifts offered when the Knight of Cups comes riding into your life.

Like all Knights, the fact that they ride about on horses should be a warning that while it sounds great, they may not be able to sustain what they initially offer. Like the Page of Cups, the Knight of Cups is also a dreamer. But this person has abandoned material pursuits for ideals. If you have a long term relationship with the Knight of Cups you may need to be the provider.

You can expect rich stories, poetry, music and all sorts of sensitivity although success to the suit of Cups will always be a life centered on emotional expression and gratification. The Knight of Cups has faced conformity by riding in the opposite direction! Any attempts to try to sober them into a more material lifestyle will simply send them riding off into the sunset.

Just appreciate the type of love the Knight of Cups brings to you without expecting them to change and you will never regret it. Someone may need your patronage or support. In return, they will teach you much about the simple joys of living.

Keywords: A person who means well but doesn’t deliver as promised. A sentimental and caring person who is pursuing you. A lover or love coming to you suggesting romantic evenings. Love coming and going in your life. Moving forward in creative pursuits.

Reversed: Lack of commitment. A seducer and heartbreaker. Difficulty following your heart. Chauvinistic attitude, charmer or display of affection that doesn’t ring true. A rival in love leading to battles. Unpredictable lover, broken promises and emotional turmoil. Unrequited love. One who cannot trust others. Leaving a difficult relationship.