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Knight of Pentacles

Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Knight of Pentacles shows a long road that has been traveled in pursuit of success. This card can appear when you finally receive your degree or certificate that will lead to better work prospects. In the midst of Knight of Pentacles energy, life can seem like drudgery and that the desired outcome still seems a long way off. There are no shortcuts when the Knight of Pentacles appears but your hard work and dedication will lead to results.

As a person in your life, the Knight of Pentacles is heavily focused on financial well being so relationships can take a back seat role to success. Since Knights are associated with movement, you may need to relocate in order to find work. A new job offer can also be tied to relocation.

Because Knights are geared up for battle, in relationships there can be some differences of opinions about how money should be spent. One partner may be less materially focused than the other and sharing assets can become a sore spot in the relationship. Sometimes the Knight appears to rescue you from financial burdens but it is important to show appreciation because the Knight of Pentacles will not tolerate being taken for granted.

The Knight of Pentacles is a success oriented card but in order to benefit from its lighter side you also need to carry your weight and demonstrate your reliability. If you are seeking a promotion be moderate and demonstrate your willingness to subordinate to the ambitions of your superior. Teamwork requires the talents of all but the Knight of Pentacles does not provide an atmosphere for mavericks, entrepreneurs or selfish aims.

Keywords: Making the effort to improve financial picture. The heavy weight of financial considerations that can slow progress and fulfillment. A long period of study to obtain a degree. Relocation due to work. A partner heavily focused on material possessions but somewhat stingy. 

Reversed: Greed and a focus on finances that stunts fulfillment. Not moving forward in career. Taking a hiatus from work. Lack of prospects in work. A work environment that is not appropriate for entrepreneurial ambitions.