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Knight of Swords

Knight of Swords Tarot Card

What sets the Knight of Swords apart is how fast he is moving with his Sword drawn. Even his horse is afraid. This shows the intellect orchestrating the zealous assertion of its ideas where we talk before thinking.

The Knight of Swords makes a game out of intellectual exchanges. Swords relate to the Air realm of the Zodiac: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. They all enjoy debate and exchanging ideas regardless of feelings. In this way, the Knight of Swords can be associated with a critical boss or partner. The environment has become a game of words and you will be no match for the mental gymnastics the Knight of Swords has mastered.

You may be speaking more bluntly or honestly, so just be sure that you are not rushing to judgment or being callous with others. Of all the cards, the Knight of Swords would be like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz who has misplaced his heart. Not because he is mean but because he enjoys the heady realms of the intellect and feels safe there.

In relationships, the Knight of Swords can be the clinical and fussy partner who is not easily satisfied. Like the Page of Swords, the Knight of Swords can deliver information when you least expect it, but the impact can be more sarcastic, tactless or wounding.

You may need to slow your pace down a bit and be sure your plan is sound. There is movement associated with the Knights so the pace can pick up rapidly when the Knight of Swords appears in a reading.

Keywords: Rushing to judgment and the callous use of words. Going forward without a clear plan. Feeling criticized or perfection seeking tendencies. Anger causing one to play games and turn a cold shoulder. Information arriving that may be upsetting. A blunt and direct person. Upholding the law or fighting for what right. A clever, sharp and witty person who won’t be trifled with. 

Reversed: A hurtful, tactless and sarcastic friend. Words without substance. Mind games and manipulation. Arrogant and self serving behavior. A battle of words that cut to the core and inflict irreparable harm. Winning an argument at the expense of enduring relationships. Dysfunctional communication.