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Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands Tarot Card

Knights are associated with movement, so when the Knight of Wands appears it is time to take your idea to the next level and act on it. You may need to put energy into marketing and sales rather than just spending time creating.

This card can also show enthusiasm in moving forward, where you may move house because of a promotion or job change. You might take a vacation which should prove refreshing.

In relationship readings, the Knight of Wands can represent a non committal partner who likes to explore greener pastures. Wands relate to the astrological Fire realm of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. They are passionate because they see something on the horizon. Since they have a horse, they may trade commitment for the right to explore.

This is an inspiring and amusing companion, but not all that reliable when it comes to performing to your expectations. The Knight of Wands can sometimes come across as selfish because getting ones needs met is more important than being accommodating.

You might be experiencing a challenge that requires you to defend your idea. You may need to trade conformity for passion or explore work that allows for the expression of all of your passions.

Keywords: Confidence in sharing creative ideas. Travel and relocation. A non committal partner who is entertaining and adventurous but not reliable or committed. Rising to the challenge. Taking steps to implement a new idea. Moving forward with enthusiasm. 

Reversed: Upset in travel plans. Having to wait for a response. Setbacks and delays. Volatile temper and aggressiveness. Selfish thinking. Stuck in a rut. Fear of change and drifting.