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Nine of Pentacles

Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card

This card is similar to the Empress or Queen of Pentacles in that it suggests the comforts of homelife and living with a sense of financial security. You may have a desire for romantic evenings and enjoying meals with friends when this card appears.

There is a graceful elegance about this card that suggests the easy way the universe flows with your desires when romance is in the air. The comforts the woman experiences in this card did not come without effort and this card also suggests follow through and tenacity when attempting to make your dreams a reality.

This card shows a high level of success and ease that follows a period of hard work. The earthy feeling of the surroundings can show how you are taking time to really appreciate the way life is speaking to you. Gardening or improving the home can bring a sense of comfort.

This is a very positive card related to love, work and the homelife. If you are contemplating starting your own business, this card shows you have the talent and means to do it.

In relationships, you are able to provide comfort to others and enjoy cooking and offering your home as a safe haven. Guests can come to visit and partners can begin cohabitating when this card appears. This is also a card associated with retirement or purposeful time away from work to recharge. Any investments should go well and you may be thinking of doing renovations to the home or garden.

Keywords: Feeling financially secure. Outdoor gatherings and feeling comfortable. Arriving at a peaceful and positive phase in life. Having the resources to make your own decisions. Luxury, vacation and retirement. Wise investments paying off. 

Reversed: Living beyond your means. Outward success that doesn’t ring true. Unhappy marriage. Longing for more in life.