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Page of Cups

Page of Cups Tarot Card

The Page of Cups as a messenger can appear when you will receive communication that relates to love. This card appears when a commitment is being made or you and a possible lover are enjoying playful conversation. There is nothing like attraction to get two people smiling in a way that makes both beautiful. It is like love blows in like a wind and changes everything.

The Page of Cups is the dreamer of the Tarot deck so as a person, his intentions may be in the right place, but he can have a hard time keeping his feet on the ground. Perhaps you need to adjust your rose colored glasses to get a compensating dose of reality.

Like the Six of Cups, the Page of Cups can show a message coming from a past lover. Perhaps you are interested in studying some type of art or want to play a musical instrument. No matter what is happening in your life when the Page of Cups appears you feel years younger.

The Page of Cups can be a message to start paying attention to your dreaming mind to learn its metaphorical language of growth. You may have intuition or hunches that are meant to provide direction.

The Page of Cups is dressed in the simple clothes that show the importance of love in our life. When love is in the air everything takes on a surreal texture.

Keywords: Opening to love or receiving a declaration of love. Re-connecting with a past lover. Studying art. A childish sense of love experienced later in life. Being romanced. A dreamer, poet or romantic person. Strong intuition and psychic connections.

Reversed: Disappointment in love. Not facing the truth about a current lover. Being vulnerable or emotionally immature. Falling prey to fantasy and illusion. An insincere lover. One who pretends to be an artist.