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Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card

Pages are messengers so you may be waiting to hear news relating to work or other material areas of your life like the home or finances. The Page of Pentacles is a card that appears when it is time to become more practical and responsible for taking care of the mundane details that lead to success.

The no nonsense message of the Page of Pentacles is showing that you can keep dreaming about what you want, but until you actually put one foot in front of the other and begin working at it, it will remain just a dream.

In a relationship, you may need to communicate your needs or listen without judgment to your partner’s needs. If you feel overwhelmed in making some sort of decision, the Page of Pentacles asks you to look at what is relevant. What is the real issue at the root of your situation? Slow down and get back to basics.

Identify what you want and start from there. Communication is an important part of turning difficulty in your favor. You may receive an invitation that will give you an opportunity to network in business.

Social exchanges are highlighted and can bring you an opportunity. A promotion may be offered to you, but if it is not forthcoming, you may need to inquire about it. Superiors recognize that you are dependable and reliable.

Negotiations and communication regarding financing and the home may take prominence now. You know what you want and need only begin the dialogue or work that will help you achieve it. A new course of study will help your work prospects or financial picture.

Keywords: Taking courses to increase work prospects. Dependability and integrity. Prosperity that matches commitment. Heavy focus on material possessions. Job opportunity or internship. Learning new skills to improve financial picture. 

Reversed: Lack of commitment at work. Unhappy news related to work of finances. Spoiled child. No interest in material pursuits.