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Page of Swords

Page of Swords Tarot Card

Since the Page is associated with communication and the Swords can embody conflict, the appearance of the Page of Swords can show communication coming out of the blue that is blunt and to the point. There is a need to seek clarity and get your head out of the clouds.

Truth will be spoken when the Page of Swords appears whether or not you are ready to hear it. This can be a good thing if a relationship has been operating in the dark or without definition. The Page of Swords appears when everyone is ready to lay their cards on the table so that the truth can be arrived at.

Some sort of difficult negotiation can take place that requires a happy medium or meeting half way. Contracts can be signed or commitments can be made that have a lasting influence. You may be learning the new language of a new industry.

There are not a lot of warm and fuzzies in the Swords cards, so when the Page of Swords comes on the scene all types of communication will be improved if you can check your emotions. You may need to really listen to what a partner is saying so that you will know what they are saying. Jumping to the same old assumptions is what may have brought the Page of Swords out in your reading.

There are also undercurrents associated with the Page of Swords when someone is being less than truthful. Make sure all contracts have the blessing of a professional. Words and agreements have a concrete impact, so don’t take the conversation lightly. Returning to school to for a science degree can improve job prospects.

Keywords: Speaking the truth without realizing the impact of your words. Learning a new language or jargon associated with a new line of work. Being fussy and critical with others. Holding to honesty and integrity at all cost. The need to have an honest discussion. Returning to school to study science, philosophy, language or law. Morals, ideas and being truthful regardless of how it is received. Inquisitive or quick witted child. A clinical and analytical mind. 

Reversed: Mind games with cynical people. A manipulator who can be ruthless and overly critical. Being deceived or lied to. Reason to be suspicious. A lack of truth where things are not what they appear to be.