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Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups Tarot Card

The Queen of Cups is the true artist and lover of the Queens. Her cups are so full that she would never deny anything to anyone. Her imagination is gifted to the point of sometimes interfering with her ability to protect herself. She can be a dreamer, but her generosity and vulnerability make her beautiful.

To the Queen of Cups, love is all there is. The Queen of Cups is the mother who believed that making Christmas presents was more important than buying them. She believes that her children should simmer in a soup of love. Of course, she can be a smothering type of woman but she loves unconditionally.

As an employer, the Queen of Cups is the visionary and story creator. Her imagination is rich and she never runs out of new creations or new ways of presenting old ideas. It is as if she is waking up in a different world than everyone else, and even her choice of words make the obvious delightfully topsy turvy.

Of course, she can rant and rave and be a bit melodramatic under pressure, but what she lacks in patience she makes up for in the ability to make others smile because of her childish innocence. She doesn’t hold grudges because she is reborn every day.

She may not be the most materially successful person, but she knows how to laugh. The Queen of Cups can appear when you need to laugh more and not take yourself so seriously. She reminds you that you are a work of art that is always changing.

She can offer a message to give your dreams as much attention as you give your waking life. In both realms you are learning your way.

In relationships. the Queen of Cups sometimes dotes too much and can smother. but if you can appreciate the living embodiment of Aphrodite in your home, you can teach her that she need not worry so much about you.

The Queen of Cups just wants to know that she makes you happy and that is not such a hard thing to offer in return for her childish enthusiasm. In a relationship reading, she can portray arrival in the area of love or creativity. Like the Empress, she is an archetype of the true artist.

Keywords: A sensitive, imaginative and loving woman. Feeling at peace and loved. Influx of creative or intuitive inspiration. Active dream life and a need to interpret your dreams. Transforming anger to love. Offering loving support to others. Operating with heart and not mind. The need to listen and support another. A maternal influence of comforting care with a focus on emotional well being. Nurse or supporter of art.

Reversed: One forgets that love is a gift to give and becomes needy, selfish or jealous. The inability to face reality. Not able to open to love. A rival in love. Pettiness due to an inability to connect with emotions. A cold shoulder. Abandonment issues. Emotional neediness and clinging.