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Queen of Pentacles

Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card

The Queen of Pentacles is similar to the Empress in that she understands how to balance leadership or work with an ability to provide a nurturing homelife. She can be the provider in a relationship or the doting wife of an ambitious man.

As a boss, she understands budgets, projections and a result oriented sales plan that leaves little room for excuses. Her communication is clear and forthright as she identifies where weakness can be tapped for higher productivity.

In the home, she is the Martha Stewart of the deck knowing exactly which wine goes with which food and the proper herb or fruit that will enhance the flavor of the cheese. Her life is rich in every detail and she enjoys displaying her exotic tastes.

The Queen of Pentacles combines the idea of financial security with a mothering sense so she can represent an early environment where your work ethic and ambition were supported. She may appear pretentious, but at heart, she knows how to help others achieve their dreams.

Since Pentacles are associated with the senses, the Queen of Pentacles can appear when you need to get in touch with your organic and earthy nature. Like the Earth signs of the Zodiac, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, the Queen of Pentacles can portray a sense of arrival in a very basic way. You have figured out how to get your needs met.

She resonates to life’s pleasures and this includes emotional and physical intimacy. In relationships she is the partner who will support and even cultivate your ambitions. Because she has a strong work ethic she is an ideal mate for a family run business.

She is the most elegant of the Queens appreciating the latest fashions and always sporting a new hairstyle. She can appear much younger than her years because she enjoys a good diet, yoga and takes care of herself.

Keywords: A woman of means who is hardworking, dependable and financially secure. A motherly influence stressing the importance of goals and careful planning. A female provider or philanthropist who is down to earth. Feminine support in financial concerns or work.

Reversed: A need to explore what 'home' means and to establish roots. Unable to make decisions because one lacks stability. One appearing to have it all but lacking fulfillment. Selfishness with little regard for helping others. The ill side of greed and wealth making one bitter. Domestic unrest and insecurity about money and possessions.A spiteful, envious or jealous woman. An attitude of keeping up with the Jones’s.