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Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords Tarot Card

The Queen of Swords has had the experience of moving through life’s ups and downs. She can be a counselor or advisor who speaks from experience or she can be a jaded woman who doesn’t support your enthusiasm because she believes you are too much of an idealist.

Where the Queen of Wands excels at communicating, the Queen of Pentacles excels at providing, the Queen of Cups excels in generosity - the Queen of Swords is a master of understanding the life experience in philosophical terms. She has mastered whatever challenges life has thrown her way, and while appearing cold or critical, she is every bit the mother type of all of the Queens.

She has cut her arm free from restraints and her mantra reminds you to assert your independence so you can remain empowered. The most important thing a woman retains in marriage is her independence and spirit. She will not play the doting wife because she can be consumed with running the same sort of practice as her mate. She is a professional and has worked hard to sharpen her intellect.

She will contribute equally to the home, so she may choose a lifestyle that doesn’t require the standard housewife role. She may believe life is full of the conflict that she herself seems to court and can portray a jaded attitude you may need to release. Not the most intimate of the Queens, but what she lacks in compassion she makes up for in intellectual precision.

The Queen of Swords can be a master problem solver and often holds a degree or license to practice. When you are in dire straits and need an advisor who knows the ropes, the Queen of Swords will protect you like a mother bear. She is never too busy to be there for a person in need and often offers her services to those who can’t afford to pay. She can be comforting but there is not a lot of emotion residing beneath her battle scarred chest.

Perhaps she too, was an idealist once, but life has taught her the value of suffering. If the Queen of Swords appears you may need to guard against being taken advantage of. Her razor sharp intellect cuts through all the superfluous nonsense and hones right in on the truth of the matter. She can be associated with the professional mothering advice that comes from a therapist.

Whether self protection is suitable for you depends on how intimate you would like to become. What makes a woman attractive to males is their vulnerability. If you are exhibiting the characteristics of independence that the Queen of Swords has mastered, you may find that self sufficiency comes at the expense of a partnership. Soften the armor and let your mate reveal their power to provide. Learn how to receive.

The best type of career for the Queen of Swords is one that allows her to use her mental acuity. The best type of partnership is one of equality. The greatest message the Queen of Swords offers is the power of transformation.

She can appear when things are difficult to remind you that you have the power to set yourself free. She won’t project her truth onto you, but will hold up a mirror that allows you to hear the story you tell yourself. She may appear jaded, but she offers a message that beyond the pursuit of success, emotions and social climbing the world of the mind creates our reality. We must own our condition before we can master our path.

Keywords: A woman seasoned by the vicissitudes of life. A counselor or advisor who is an astute problem solver. A bitter or jaded woman who can cut to the core of any issue with the clever use of words. A highly skilled and educated woman. The ability to speak the truth in an elegant and effective way. A feminine influence holding the truth back to you like a mirror. Going it alone.

Reversed: A shift from being analytical and rational toward opening to emotions. Her defenses come down when the card reverses and her words can be more from the heart. However, past failures or conditioning can make one pessimistic or unable to open to intimacy. A gossip who enjoys manipulating others. The need for clarity in discussions to avoid assumptions or illusions. Keeping others at a safe distance leads to loneliness.