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Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups Tarot Card

Since the Cups have an emphasis on the imagination and the emotions, the Seven of Cups appears when we have created too many choices for ourselves. The Sevens in the Tarot deck always seem to return us to ourselves to make some sort of crossroad decision.

If we are not committed to a path, options can become overwhelming. Like the Moon when the imagination overwhelms, the Seven of Cups can symbolize how we are going through life either validating why we should stay or why we should go. If you are committed to staying - you stay. If you are committed to leaving, you only focus on the negative. The truth is, you can have anything you want.

With no real sense of direction we can rely too much on unfolding events to guide the way. The problem is that we can start roaming and become confused. Each cup holds an important aspect of what we believe we need. Getting back to basics can allow us to make decisions again.

Basic sustenance is always a good place to start. Once that is tackled we can look to relationships. Then spiritual concerns can be explored. The image that is glowing in the center in white is symbolic of finding ourselves in the maze of life. Fame, fortune, castles, riches, transformation are all great discoveries, but without knowing who we are we can never know the type of life we seek to create for ourselves.

Self love can make a simple life extraordinary. The message of the Seven of Cups is to return to who you are and establish a plan of action that will fortify your sense of self esteem. Stop looking around you for ‘that thing’ that will fill the void within. If you remove the white sheet from the glowing figure chances are you will discover your reflection. Whatever the question, commit to the path that allows you to live authentically.

Keywords: What you desire doesn’t match your actions to obtain your goals. Overwhelmed by too many choices and a need to focus on realistic goals. Daydreaming, disorganization and procrastination. Soul searching and self examination. A need to discover your life purpose.

Reversed: Setting priorities and getting organized. Developing clear and obtainable goals. Going in circles without a clear plan of action. Missing out on success due to unrealistic ideas.