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Six of Cups

Six of Cups Tarot Card

There is no better cure for the wounds of life than to return to a familiar environment that can remind us that some things never change. We may return to our place of childhood or to our family and rediscover that part of us that is unchanging.

The Six of Cups can appear when you have found a playmate and are feeling like a child again. Because the Six of Cups is associated with a longing for the past, an old lover may reappear in your life.

There are times when childish play is just what you need to keep humor and spontaneity in your life. There can be more serious times where a childish attitude won’t serve you.

Like the Three of Cups, this card can suggest a platonic relationship that is emotionally gratifying. This could be the necessary playground for collaborating artists who must encounter their creation with the same wonder and discovery that presents itself in the work as others view it.

Sometimes the Six of Cups is a reminder to stop living in the past and to focus on the present. When the Six of Cups appears life takes on an appreciation of simplicity much like spring fever. Senses are aroused and comfort can soothe the soul. The message can be to reconnect with your roots, go places with a cherished friend or simply spend time in the garden. Whatever the situation - returning to a sense of joy is key.

Keywords: Friendship and relationships with play, creativity and joy at the foundation. Looking to the past and finding childhood joy in the present. A serious situation made easier through humor and play. An old flame or lover returning. Going to a place that feels like home. Seeing the value of simplicity. 

Reversed: Innocence and naivety when seriousness might be more appropriate. Sweeping serious issues under the carpet via humor. Losing a cherished and close friend. Cutting ties to the past. Packing up and moving on.