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Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentaces Tarot Card

The Six of Pentacles shows a person giving generously to those in need. This card can appear when you are thinking about doing charity or humanitarian work. The ideas of generosity and possible 'enabling' are up for consideration. Giving is best when there are no strings attached. Helping another requires that what you are doing is actually making them stronger.

In work, you may be given an opportunity by someone in a powerful position. In relationships, the give and take aspect can be unbalanced where one partner gives unconditionally while the other is comfortable with the arrangement.

There are times when this sense of giving can come with strings attached and can lead to manipulation. Examine what you are giving and why. If the situation is leaving you unfulfilled, you may need to find an environment where your needs are met too.

This card can appear when you are accepting an apprentice position or less pay in order to demonstrate your abilities for the long term. Generally the Six of Pentacles is a positive card about financial concerns because you will be in a position to share your wealth or resources with others. It merely asks: are you fulfilled by what you are giving - or are you being manipulative?

Keywords: Sharing resources with others either out of generosity or manipulation. Philanthropy and humanitarian work. An outlook of abundance that ensures your needs are met.

Reversed: Inequality and subservience. Strings attached to support. Loss of job or income. Abuse of trust and generosity. Unable to ask for help. Unpaid bills. Worried about return on investment.