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Six of Wands

Six of Wands Tarot Card

This is the card of victory and shows a sense of pride and accomplishment. After a period of difficulty, this card can suggest that you are in the home stretch and will succeed.

In relationships, you will have the opportunity to be heard and supported in your needs. This card can be associated with “I told you so” or the answer “yes.’ Since it portrays victory after battle the Six of Wands can appear after a period of conflict or misunderstandings with others. There can be a sense of winning, but ensure that the victory is a win/win for all involved or the conflict can recur.

The Astrological 6th house is associated with routines and the way you apply yourself in your job. This card can show the need to ensure that your job continues to allow you to express all of your capabilities.

Since it is associated with self esteem, you discover that setting goals and accomplishing them is the only way to increase confidence. In other words, to feel good about yourself, you must engage. Extended periods of uncertainty can actually undermine self-esteem, so try something new.

When the victory card shows up in a relationship reading the emphasis may be more on winning the object of your desire rather than allowing for the natural evolution of feelings.

Keywords: Victory and success. Feeling pride and a sense of accomplishment. Reward for effort after a struggle. Shows a sense of victory as in “I told you so!” Yes. 

Reversed: Failing to succeed in achieving desire. Afraid of losing so not trying. Betrayal. Feeling victimized after loss. Constant battles or not feeling up to the challenge. A period of conflict that doesn’t end the way you had hoped. The answer 'no.'