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Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups Tarot Card

The Ten of Cups shows the apex of all that the Cups represent. Beyond the wish card of the Nine of Cups we see our dreams fulfilled in abundant cups and even a rainbow.

Tens relate to abundance and can overdo in the Wands and Swords. In the Ten of Pentacles, finances can improve drastically. In the Cups, the abundance relates to feelings, love and joy. This is a card of arrival.

This card can appear when you realize the importance of family and relationships in your life. What better condition to live in than to swim in a soup of love? Whether creative projects or love, the Ten of Cups is a confirmation that you know what you want and will soon feel life smiling back at you.

The message of the Ten of Cups is to cultivate joy in your life. Perhaps somebody surprised you in a way that was emotionally moving. Family life may have revealed itself to be more rewarding than personal aspirations.

There is a deepening of emotion when the Ten of Cups appears so in relationships, it can show finding a true companion who ‘gets you.’ Open to the bliss the Ten of Cups is presenting to you. Love, peace and harmony are a reality when the Ten of Cups makes its appearance in your reading.

Keywords: Finding happiness among family and friends. A life well lived, full of love, peace and harmony. Good feelings about what has been accomplished. Being made happy beyond your wildest dreams. Dreams come true.

Reversed: Dysfunctional family life. Broken dreams and unfulfilled promises. Family secrets or problems with children. Keeping up with the Jones’s without a sense of real fulfillment. Marriage problems beneath a façade of the ‘happy couple.’ Family breakdown or disharmony.