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Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands Tarot Card

In the Ten of Wands, we see what happens to exuberance and passion when not checked. We can put our irons into too many fires and suddenly feel overwhelmed by obligations and responsibilities. Tens are associated with abundance, but in the Wands, it can overwhelm.

In a relationship, one partner may be carrying the weight of other or feel a sense of resentment that all that they do is not reciprocated. You are carrying something and it is impeding your ability to move forward with all of your enthusiasm.

Dreams of luggage and warehouses can show the need to explore the baggage we carry and how we may need to release what is not ours to carry. You may need to identify what you are carrying, whether resentment, unnecessary responsibility for another - to see if it is weighing you down.

This card can appear when you are not watching expenditures and may find yourself overwhelmed with debt. Proceed carefully because you are handling about all that you can shoulder right now.

Keywords: Carrying a burden or being responsible and doing what is expected. Overwhelmed with deadlines or the expectations and demands of others. The need to delegate. Rising to the challenge. Too many irons in the fire. Budget restrictions or overly worried about the future. Carrying belongings because of a transition.

Reversed: No longer feeling overwhelmed. Choosing to let go or leave a situation. Not carrying unnecessary baggage. Saying no. Compromising or clearing the air. Acknowledging how a closed door leads to an open door. Getting rid of unnecessary clutter in the home. Refusing support or refusing to be burdened by another's issues.