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Three of Cups

Three of Cups Tarot Card

There is a sense of sharing laughter or celebrating with close friends when the Three of Cups appears. In relationships, the Three of Cups can lean toward more of a platonic relationship. There is still plenty of affection and attraction. There may be a reason that the relationship is remaining on the friendship level.

This is a card of teamwork and social sharing, so if you are going it alone, your social life may pick up soon. We receive the Three of Cups when fitting into a group has become important. We find our tribe and discover those who think like us.

The celebratory nature of this card can suggest any type of gathering where we toast an accomplishment. The Three of Cups shows abundance so if your life has been gloomy lately you might want to examine your outlook. Are you courting scarcity or abundance?

This card speaks of the value of others in our life so you may want to join a group or seek out others who share your philosophy.

Keywords: Friendship , celebrations and reunions. Toasting an accomplishment, pregnancy or friendly gathering.Fertility and abundance. The joy of sharing life with those you love. Teamwork.

Reversed: Lack of social life. Wondering if a friend is truly a friend. Gossip and backstabbing. Missing someone who is traveling or while traveling. Inability to find one’s tribe. Wandering.