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The Tower

The Tower Tarot Card

The Tower is a card that shows people tumbling to the ground from what looks to be a lightning strike. Like the I Ching hexagram Shocking, unexpected events that catch us off guard are sometimes the only way life can tumble us out of our Tower of headstrong beliefs.

There may have been many warning signs in an effort to lead you gently through transformation. If you didn’t heed the call, the Tower acts like a shoe horn to ease you out of the wrong shoes. Of course, if you weren’t expecting something like that to hit you out of the blue ~ you may stumble and fall. All new changes take time to master.

In the Devil card, we observed the way the 'underworld' of repression can usurp our motivation and lead us into unhealthy attachments. The thing about life is that nothing can hide from its power to bring truth out of hiding. Nature is only interested in driving growth.

The Tower is sometimes associated with the raw and headstrong energy of the planet Mars. This planet is behind our motivation, libido and drive toward empowerment. Mars is a personal planet and the lower octave of Pluto. Anyone who has encountered Pluto squares and oppositions to the personal planets of sun, moon and mars can attest to the ruthless counter energy that seems to snap back at us from the universe when we stop growing.

In dreams of natural disasters, we see the energy of the Tower at work. Buildings in dreams represent our paradigm, and landslides, floods and earthquakes simply show that an old foundation of thought needs to give way to a new one.

Perhaps you are aware of the charged energy surrounding a situation that is certainly not sustainable. If the Tower appears, you may be in for a little discomfort as you ride the lightning bolt of Truth.

Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, you will be fine. The only way you will arrive at joy and self discovery is if you remain open to growth and not allow your idea of how things are to overshadow what is.

Keywords: Unexpected upheaval and sudden change. Insurance policies and disaster planning. The end of an ordeal. An upsetting crisis that allows for more freedom and authenticity. Whatever is lost allows for new growth even while it may not be yet apparent.

Reversed: Not facing the truth. Bottling up feelings or afraid of the feelings a situation arouses. Crisis mounting because issues have been swept under the rug. Fear of necessary change. Knowing in advance that crisis is underway but ignoring the call for change. The lingering affects of past crisis. Inability to understand the reason for the changes taking place around you. Choosing to believe something is what it is not.