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Two of Swords

Two of Swords Tarot Card

Twos can be associated with balance and choices. The Two of Swords shows a situation that has threatened you in a way that you have retreated. Perhaps you are harboring resentment and are being spiteful, aloof or non communicative.

In a relationship, the partner may have suddenly stopped talking or retreated. There is a wound associated with the way the Two Swords are closing off or protecting the heart. If you are seeking love but experiencing rejection you may want to explore whether or not your heart is truly open to loving someone else. Perhaps your own fear of intimacy is at the root.

A difficult decision is being avoided while the woman holds the Two heavy Swords, but eventually her arms will grow tired. The fact that the woman is wearing a blindfold is similar to a child who covers their eyes and believes since they can’t see the ‘bad thing’ will simply go away. There is nothing healthy going on in the Two of Swords and the message is that honest communication is the only pathway to success in your situation.

You may have a valid reason to be angry or to believe that you should just wait it out, but in the meantime you have stopped living. Take off the blindfold and release the Swords. Open your heart and trust again.

If your partner is demonstrating this behavior uncover their wound through a type of discussion that makes them feel safe. The only cure for anger is forgiveness. No matter the issue, the power to resolve it rests in your hands if you can speak fearlessly about what you want.

Keywords: Avoiding a difficult decision. Being cold or cut off from relationships. Past wounds that make it difficult to trust again. Stalemate or impasse in communications. Covering the heart as a means for self protection. A need to stop being a victim and engage life. Fear of intimacy or abandonment.

Reversed: Opening the heart. Painful discussion that leads to a more honest relationship. Dishonesty in partnership. Becoming more intimate. Too emotional to think straight. Inability to heal.