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Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

There is a lot to be said about the power of intention when examining situations that unfold before us. However, when the Wheel of Fortune appears it seems that the only thing that can be predicted is that events may become unpredictable.

Science reveals how nature has a special predisposition for exploring possibilities where the outcome must remain unknown. The only absolute in life is that there are no absolutes. When you receive the Wheel of Fortune you are swept up by circumstances that appear beyond your control to change. It is like the ‘wild card’ of the deck which sometimes must remain a question mark.

Whatever is happening is not yet decided, similar to the planetary energy of Uranus that has a focus on freedom from the known. Life is a cycle of where it sometimes seems like we must go backward before moving forward. There can be a karmic theme where the deeper mysteries of a situation are exactly what is needed for a transformation to occur.

The card is not so focused on the object of your desire as it is on the transformation occurring because of it. In this way, you are called into the present. Similar to the I Ching hexagram Molting or Revolution, sweeping changes are in the air.

In dreams, this would be similar to the initiation stage where the hero must battle overwhelming opposition to simply discover why and what they are defending. In Taoism, one can find a period of opposition or waiting as a way of uncovering ‘original sincerity.’

In the I Ching, it is often said ‘if you are sincere you will meet with success.’ Events can reinforce your power if you are powerless. They can reinforce feelings if you have cut yourself off from the ability to feel.

It is futile to judge the turning of the Wheel in terms of good or bad because its turning is simply a necessary change. Regardless of the change that is described by the Wheel of Fortune, its purpose is to return balance in all aspects of your life.

It is best to go with the flow of events trusting that whatever is unfolding will have the purpose of bringing you exactly where you need to be.

Keywords: Things turning in your favor. Good karma repaid. Answer unknown for the time being as a way of learning something valuable. A turning point for the better or worse depending on where you stand right now.

Reversed: A change in luck which may feel negative. Not accepting the lesson of a crisis. Feeling like life is unfair or feeling victimized.