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Clothing and Makeup

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Clothing and Makeup in dreams can represent the role you play in life and how your identity undergoes transformation. Clothing can represent the attitude or the Persona, which becomes the mask you wear to fit in. Changing clothes. shopping for clothesortrying on new clothessuggests trying out new attitudes or behaviors related to the type/color of garment. Being in public in ‘under clothes’ornakedoccurs during times when you are forced to reveal yourself or when you become intimate in a way that made you feel uncomfortable. We often dream of being in our underwear in school when we found ourselves suddenly being 'exposed' or expressing ourselves in a large, group setting. See Trickster.

New or beautiful clothes suggest increased self-esteem or a hunger for recognition, while dirty clothes are ‘outworn’ attitudes or feelings associated with your sexual or organic nature that you may have rejected as being 'dirty.' Sorting through dirty laundry shows you separating past ways of being to discard the unnecessary in preparation for change. Uniforms can symbolize characteristics associated with the type of uniform, such as police or the patrolling side of psyche, or fire, representing ‘danger’ or how you subdue your feelings.

Drum major and other band costumes can be sexual or spiritual. Musical instruments often signify the free expression of emotion. You wear an apron when ‘something is cooking,’ portraying how you are exploring what might give you a greater sense of nourishment or fulfillment. When you are given increased responsibility, you may dream of an apron as a symbol of releasing ‘the strings’ that bind you to your parents. Belts hold the pants up but can also restrain sexual feelings and urges. Since the pants can symbolize responsibility, the belt can represent holding to a sense of responsibility.

Shoes, are similar to Transportationsymbols, and signify that part of you that you rely upon to move forward. It is a more grounded representation of your motivation or how you move forward. Searching for shoes is symbolic of finding the means to provide for yourself in an effort to know success. Shoes are an important symbol that you are exploring a type of success that better represents who you are.

A hat covers the head and therefore, the thoughts, signifying how you express yourself or what you are known for. The type of hat can describe an area of thought: Baker’s Hat: nourishment and fulfillment; Police Hat: discipline and abiding by the rules or conscience, Fire Hat: how your thinking can get you into trouble or how you hide your feelings by 'dowsing' them, or Helmet: protective or aggressive tendencies.

A dress is associated with the feminine nature or sensitivity, even in male dreams, while pantsoften suggest masculine qualities, as in ‘wearing the pants’ or issues related to self-sufficiency. You can ‘skirt’ the issue to hide something; socksomething away or see others in suitsas a way of exploring ‘fitting in’ or conformity.

The idea of emotions can be associated with sleeves or ‘wearing them on the sleeve’. The shirt is a strong symbol of identity and responsibility. You take off the shirt when you are making changes to your identity, career or sense of responsibility. At the same time, you may need to ‘roll up your sleeves’ and dig into an issue that requires examination. Glovescover the hand, symbolizing the ability to take what you need. They offer protection from touching or exploring anything ‘dirty.’ They warm the hands and can symbolize the need to voice what you need instead of hiding or covering it up. Throwing a glove can suggest ‘throwing down the gauntlet’ in the sense of establishing boundaries. Outerwearsuch as a coat will symbolize a protective covering used to ward off the ‘elements’ or the difficulties you may face. Coats and jackets often symbolize how you have come to protect your feelings.

Forgettingan item of clothing or makeup that becomes important in dreams of taking a tripsuggests an inappropriate idea of self that might be holding you back from capitalizing on your authentic nature. In a sense you are 'forgetting' some side of you that is valuable to your journey. Not having an item when you are taking a trip usually shows that you have identified with only one aspect of who you are.

Applying lipstick and rouge can portray how the psyche is trying to rouse the ‘sleeping’ sexuality of a woman, while suggesting the need for increased sensitivity for a man. Lipstick is associated with the mouth or communication so can signify saying things to please others that are not necessarily how you feel. Bringing color to the face through rouge can symbolize emotion or affection coming to 'skin awareness.' Foundation is applied to even out skin tone and can suggest covering up feelings. It can have the added message of exploring the foundation of your feelings. Cosmeticsusually have the association of ‘covering up’ the senses or real identity. Makeup dreams are often a clue that you are hiding or covering up something.