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When what you earn becomes the subject of a dream, you are exploring the idea of self-worth. Even receiving change from a clerk in a store can be a message of this type. Often the numbers are significant in understanding how self worth can be increased.

Representing what you receive in return for your efforts, this type of dream can offer a message about balance and finding value in what you do. The sense of bartering or trading shows this desire for balance, yet being 'paid' can represent fulfillment or finding work that really fulfills you.

Arguments about the amount of money due on a bill can symbolize issues related to the Number discussed. In a sense, one side of you (waiter/what you do to gratify and nourish yourself, or builder/what is constructing your mindset, or tailor/what is constructing your identity) isn't adding up to everything your worth. Arguing over the bill can be symbolic of giving importance to one area at the expense of another. Also see Urn under Homonyms.