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Dreaming of a floor can symbolize the foundation you stand upon. The condition of the floor shows whether or not it is stable. By traveling to a specific floor, you can be exploring levels of consciousness, where the upstairs can represent spiritual ideas and aspirations, while the basement has more of an association with what you are holding in the subconscious.

Stairs going up can symbolize examining aspirations, while stairs going down symbolize retracing steps or understanding the root of your motivation. The floor of a structure can be indicative of levels of awareness or may be associated with the meaning of the number involved: See Numbers. You stand on the ground floor of awareness and travel upward to achieve your ideals, or downward to find those things that you keep hidden below. Elevators and escalators that lead to different floors can also symbolize aspirations or how your upward or downward journey feels orchestrated beyond your control. See also Houses and Buildings.