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Dreaming of luggage is a very common scenario because dreams often explore what we hold onto and what needs to be released as we grow. The situation surrounding the luggage will reveal what you are 'carrying with you.' In many cases, the luggage is lost as you become more open to the idea that you are carrying unnecessary baggage. If someone else is bringing your luggage in a dream, they may have a strong influence on your sense of identity. If the luggage is associated with wrinkled or dirty clothes, you may have feelings of unworthiness that while carried with you, are being examined in preparation for release. If the luggage is associated with regal or formal clothing, your sense of self esteem is being examined. If the luggage reveals an unusual or inappropriate type of clothing, you may be opening to unexplored potential as your identity is undergoing transformation. Whatever is revealed when you open the luggage provides clues to the ideas that you are exploring. See also Clothing and Makeup and also, Purses, Wallets, Luggage, Jewels and Keys.