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photo of assorted makeup products on gray surface
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Makeup is used to cover up the 'natural appearance.' Many times a dream that focuses on makeup has a message that relates to not expressing yourself authentically. You may be in a job that is not appropriate or that does not allow you to express your talents and real capabilities. If you are wearing heavier than normal makeup on the eyes - you may be exploring your ability to see yourself more clearly - or to give definition to your soul expression. If the dream focuses on lipstick, the message can relate to covering up expression in terms of what you say. Red lipstick that accentuates the mouth can be a message about 'speaking' what you are passionate about. If your cheeks are accentuated, you may need to open to intimacy or feelings that allow you to feel 'in the pink.' If you are going somewhere and realize that you have forgotten your makeup, the dream can be coaching you to move forward in a different way that better expresses who you really are. See also Clothing and Makeup.