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Being naked or exposed suggests how you may be exposing the deeper or hidden sides of yourself. As you move toward intimacy, you may have dreams of being undressed in public or relieving yourself in bathrooms without walls as the result of having your nakedness exposed. As a child, you may have dreamt of going to school in your underwear when what you most wanted was to abide by the golden rule. In proportion to the rules you impose on yourself, you will find that dreams lead you toward the freedom to be yourself. To ‘get naked’ or relieve yourself of your outer covering, you are allowing for the movement of other aspects of the psyche that had not previously found expression. This sense of being vulnerable, suggests how intimacy and exposing yourself is the only way of empowering authenticity.

Being exposed can also take place in dreams in which you feel trapped or frightened. Since the dream is bringing all that you fear to the surface, the symbolism should be given careful consideration so that you can transform the energy of fear into authentic empowerment. If the dream focuses on a snake, you might shed your skin and learn to express your natural drives; if it is an intruder, then you might try facing intimacy without feeling like others are intruding. When some part of you is being revealed, stalked and discarded or killed, you ‘get naked,’ confront the truth of what you fail to understand about yourself and learn to ‘let what is unnecessary go.’

Dreams usually reveal the exact opposite of what you believe to be true about yourself. When you are frightened, it is a call to overcome your fear of being natural. If you feel ashamed, you may need to overcome shame to exist as a natural creature in a natural world. See Clothing and Makeup.