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Dreaming is a safe environment that allows us to explore our potential for change. When we are not open to change, or unwilling to acknowledge being in a rut, dreams often get extremely colorful. In an effort to get our attention, they can appear quite frightening. Nightmares are actually a good sign that something powerful is stirring within. Since we dream of what we are not facing, nightmares are a wake up call to take stock of what is blocking your growth and authenticity. Sometimes you may refuse to acknowledge that ‘you are on the wrong path,’ and often nightmares will recur until changes are made and the situation is resolved. It can be as simple as ‘leaving something behind’ while you hurry to your destination or as frightening as actually experiencing death or dismemberment. More than any other dream, the nightmare will disturb you so profoundly, that rather than run, you are forced to confront the truth. This is its simple goal: overcome your fear by seeing how ‘unreasonable’ it is. Once this fearful aspect that you are not facing is integrated, the nightmare will not recur. See Shadowand Attack and Being Chased.