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Rooms can portray how we compartmentalize different areas of our mind. The bedroom has associations with sexual feelings, but can also include issues related to identity exploration since the bedroom is where we store our clothes. The kitchen symbolizes how we can be more fulfilled and 'nourished' in life. Often we are in the kitchen in a dream when we are learning to overcome negative conditioning or past self defeating beliefs. The utensils can symbolize our ability to take what we need to be fulfilled. We can take unusual things out of the refrigerator as a way of no longer keeping old issues 'on ice.'

The living room is where we explore how we bring others into our sense of intimacy. The office is usually work related. We might explore the ceiling or climb to the roof when we are ready to expand our capabilities.

Hallways represent transitions and appear when we are making changes. The windows and doors can symbolize how we meet opportunity or move to expand our perspective. If we are unable to 'see out' or 'open' the door - the message can show us what we fear. The stairs can represent going up in terms of aspirations, or going down to explore what we store in the subconscious area of the mind. The attic can symbolize spirituality or conscience, and the basement usually becomes thematic when we are digging below our habitual behavior during periods of intense transformation.

The bathroom appears when we are becoming more truthful with ourselves - we 'come clean.' The family room and hearth are classic symbols of family patterning. If a person other than a family member appears near the hearth, we may have adopted them in some way as a parent. The garage stores the car, so can appear when we are exploring our motivation or how we are moving forward in life. Explore items of Furniture, the various rooms, utensils and appliances in the dictionary, and also, Houses and Buildings.