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The seamstress and tailor mend clothing and work to make your outer covering more specific to your unique body or shape. Since clothing represents your Personaor costume you wear in public, dreaming of the seamstress or tailor can show how you are working to bring forward a more authentic way of interacting with others. These characters show the activation of new potentials as you change your career or become less concerned with conformity and more concerned with getting a 'good fit' in life.

The issues surrounding these characters will portray where you stand in relation to donning a new persona, which is more reflective of the person you really are. Sewing and mending specific pieces of clothing is a way of exploring making changes to the area of life associated with the garment. Shoes and socks represent self-direction and the path; the shirt can represent responsibility, while pants are a symbol of how you provide for yourself. If a coat or jacket is being mended, you are exploring the 'protective covering' that may be keeping you from full participation with life. When the seamstress and tailor appear in your dream, you have activated some type of change that will allow for easier expression of your full capabilities. See also Clothing.