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Losing Teeth is a common dream that occurs at monumental points in life. Just as you lose your baby teeth as a child, wisdom teeth as an adolescent and perhaps all of your teeth when you are old, teeth are associated with letting go of old ways of ‘chewing on things.’ The way that you approached situations in the past will no longer do. Teeth can also represent credibility. As you smile, you may suddenly look stupid because your teeth are missing. This demonstrates how losing teeth can be an aspect of the Trickster, or transformative power, humorously tricking you toward authentic behavior. About to say ‘the same old thing,’ you can only mumble because your mouth is suddenly full of your own teeth. Whatever you were about to say would not be considered the truth. Teeth can also be associated with Animals, and can portray natural feelings of sex and passion that need to be brought to the surface. See also Trickster.