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Dreaming of taking a test or exam can have several messages. On one hand, you may dream of returning to school if your current situation poses a challenge that needs to be solved. The message would be to remember that life is a learning experience and that you are still growing. You may have shut down the idea of growth and learning in some way - holding to rigid thinking. Taking a test can symbolize a sense of feeling tested currently.

Taking a quiz or exam in a dream can be a type of initiation to examine whether your beliefs are serving you in a productive way. If you are late for the test and therefore fail, your own insecurities are undermining your ability for success. A person doesn't succeed in life if they believe they will fail. Failure is a prerequisite for success. All accomplishments are achieved after a series of trials that include missing the mark. If you have suddenly forgotten what the material is about, you are being given the opportunity to let your old way of thinking go.

Being quizzed by an unusual character can also be the activation of the Trickster archetype. You are tripped up in your inconsistencies of thought, so that you can start with a fresh perspective. The quiz measures what you know - and sometimes it is better not to know so that you can discover.

Dreams of tests and exams often remind you that life cannot be learned through answers but through experience. Your thought patterns may have become a card catalogue file over time - these types of anxiety dreams are helping you to loosen rigid thinking so that you can grow and continue to be fulfilled. If you are supposed to be in a class and cannot find it, or are late, you may feel insecure about where you are in terms of life stages. The idea that you should be in class underscores learning - perhaps you are dismissing a situation that is meant to teach you something.