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Nature is a Teacher

Branches covered in ice

All Things Have a Purpose

Nature protects and nurtures its diverse creatures with a profound sense of intelligence that we are just beginning to appreciate. There is no favoritism in nature, although it supports each unique organism to blossom into the role it will fill.

Self discovery and our place in the design are interwoven. You can read 5 Easy Lessons from Nature in the Member Center for more information.

Branches that are stripped of foliage during winter, are encased in ice for added protection. Nature can teach us many things, although being open to the things we have yet to understand is its vital lesson.

"There is a thing confusedly formed" and when we stumble on life's amazing creatures and their interdependency, we realize we too are a part of being driven to fearlessly express who we are.

The Tao te Ching describes life as "a thing confusedly formed." This strange interconnectivity can be observed in plant reproduction.

Seeds attach to the fur of passing animals or are carried by the wind to aid plant regeneration. The pollen grains necessary for plant fertilization are transferred on the legs of tiny insects.

Animals trade carbon dioxide for oxygen, while plants exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide. All species thrive because of their interdependence upon each other. Each can exist independently and yet, at some level life is intertwined. This all or nothing equation ensures harmony at all levels of life.

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Carnivores eat herbivores, eliminating nutrient rich waste that nourishes the plants. Bacteria process waste to enrich plants which nourish the herbivores.

Flowing rivers are stripped of nutrients as they pass through the roots of plants before entering the pristine reefs that nourish the sea creatures. We ward off viruses, bacteria and disease by ingesting the exoskeletons of coral animals and sea creatures. No matter where we look in the chain of sustenance, we see how life is fundamentally intertwined.

At the same time, we witness mating collisions, eruptions, and positive and negative forces colliding to turn the wheels of evolution. At the molecular level and in opposing pressure systems, we see how nature releases stagnation through a type of friction.

Evolution is how life achieves renewal by removing the protective covering of the past. In the same way, all that appears to block our forward progress is meant to lift us to a higher level.


We discover our deeper connection to what unfolds around us when immersed within nature's rejuvenating tapestry of colors and sounds. While the natural world reminds us of the things that remain constant over time, it also teaches us to remain open to the unknown.

Nature is the ultimate teacher
of how to overcome all obstacles.

Nature is blind to barriers, except in how it overcomes them. Observing it’s diverse processes, we discover similar evolutionary mechanisms also leads us in our growth.

Exploring the best of what it might become, nature fine tunes existing traits, while eliminating what is outworn and unnecessary. More importantly, it is relentless in its ability to overcome any barriers to its forward progress. Over and above how nature renews our senses, the Tao of Nature teaches us about balance, wellness and how success is a pathway of self completion.

Like the seedling that uses dirt and rocks to peel away its protective covering, obstacles simply remove what inhibits our ability to grow.