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Manifest Your Destiny

Follow The Way of Nature

Dandelion seeds floating away in wind

(from Nothing Bad Happens in Life)

Walking through a field, you see a flower growing on the hillside...

You admire its beauty, while wholly unaware of its leaves, opened like tiny solar panels to capture the sunlight.

Without understanding the complexities of this plant, you may fail to appreciate how it can teach you about manifesting your destiny.

Within its seed is a blueprint of everything it may become. As it pushes beyond the earth and rocks to initiate its photosynthesis process, it moves through the darkness, intuitively knowing that there will be light at the end of the tunnel.

Whether fruit or flower, all direction manifests from within.

Like the human body that inherently knows how to heal itself, the plant is self-sustained by using the sunlight to release the oxygen atom from carbon dioxide. In the process, it nourishes other life forms, taking its place within the larger fabric by simply being the unique creature nature designed it to be.

On this journey, all obstacles simply peel away its protective covering. It pushes beyond the rocks that stabilize the soil, keeping water near its roots. The rock also forces the stalk to grow stronger, ensuring that it will remain steady through the changing seasons.

In the world of nature, the rock is every bit as important as the plant.

In stark contrast to the green hillsides, its flower attracts the tiny insects that will steward its pollination process. It may grow seeds that use the wind or the fur of passing animals for regeneration. When the wind blows, outworn leaves are stripped away to replenish its roots. Its future well-being is directly tied to its ability to let them go.

The plant would teach you how all living things are dependent upon their environment for sustenance and renewal. Your environment may nurture you, but it does not define you: that is something that emerges from within. Adaptation reveals how everything you will ever need to survive can be found within. It is activated by the changes you face, and you need only turn inward and empower it. More importantly, you need not fight the very thing that is bringing your real nature forward.

When you meet difficulty, you believe that life is working against you.

Yet, something very profound has been
committed to your success since the beginning.

Unhappiness is a sure sign that authenticity is rising within. Whether the inner or outer landscape is stirring, the winds of change always foster suppleness and renewal. When it seems that something is not right in the world, you grow unhappy, although discontentment is simply the hunger pain for change.

The world of nature would teach you that where something is going is not as important as how it gets there. The plant interacts with the nurturing energy of life and as a natural creature in a natural world, you too, must find your connection to what unfolds. You can harness life's energy to recognize how it leads you to become the unique creature nature designed you to be.

In the chain of sustenance, which flows from one species
to another, or in the exchange of elements that blend to
become something new, nature always moves purposefully
in its pursuit of a better way.

When you observe nature, you will see how it is driven to release the potential energy that is locked within stagnation. Anxiety too, is dormant energy that rises to the surface for productive transformation. You feel uneasy, only when you fail to see that something is taking place in here and not out there. Rather than look outside for answers, you need only observe what this transformative energy may teach you about yourself. You encounter an obstacle and believe that life has blocked your way, when it is actually peeling away your protective covering to set you free.

Unhappiness puts you on a pathway that is uniquely your own,
once you can see difficulty as a question, and obstacles as opportunities.

As if life always asks the same question - Is it real? If it is real it will endure. In a universe that is always changing, you cannot root yourself to the past. In proportion to your unwillingness to let go, you will discover the gracefulness of nature gently urging your real nature forward. It is often in the things that you cannot change that you discover life's power to guide you the most.

When an obstacle blocks your way, turn back to be renewed. When a floating leaf encounters a log in the river, it begins to move in a circle. It demonstrates the movement of turning back. Beyond the leaf and the obstacle is something that seeks continual movement. This can be viewed as the great river of life.

Conflict portrays how two things that are stuck and doing
similar things always seem to meet in the river of life.

In this way, opposition can teach you about your condition, or how you may have become stuck. When you release what you cling to, an enormous amount of energy is released, captured by the latent energy of this turning. This is the potential power that can be accessed by simply opening to how life is coaching you to manifest your destiny.

Success is a pathway of self-completion and the seed is always within you. Trust that your feelings are revealing something within, rather than viewing them as your reaction to what unfolds. Be responsive to life and react less; reaction is how you defend the past against the future. When you can begin to see unhappiness as the hunger pain for authenticity, you can move with life and allow it to orchestrate the flowering of your destiny. You can take your place in the larger fabric only when you are true to your nature in this way.

Walking through a field, you see a flower growing on the hillside. It reveals a lesson about being authentically yourself. When you open to the ways of nature, you will find yourself moving purposefully upon the river of life, no different from all other living creatures. By turning back, you will discover nature's germinating power within. It is born of the same silence where a thousand seeds are becoming the landscape of spring.