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The Tao of Nature

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Become Master of Your Experiences

sign reading if you know no boundaries you will meet with no limitations

Engulfed by skyscrapers and mechanical sounds, we live in the illusion that we are no longer natural creatures in a natural world. Yet, we are a part of nature and can learn from it.

More than two thousand years ago, the ancient Taoists developed this philosophy based on nature's ways. On the threshold of our emerging environmental consciousness, their ideas are quite profound.

All things mutually involve each other.

The masters observed the synergistic way that all things move together, and came to know life’s regenerative thrust as Tao. In the course of changing events, the Way unleashes te, or its transformative essence inherent in each creature.

When we discover a more meaningful connection to what unfolds around us, we find a path without boundaries where we meet with no limitations. All things in nature have a purpose and we need only open to our purposeful life.

At the root of our experiences are clues to our evolutionary journey.

One who is open to the changes, discovers how life keeps us authentic and open to growth. Composing the inner world with a sense of trust in the way, the outer world mysteriously changes.

In this, you can become the master of your experiences.

Although we search for the ways that we are like others, our real nature is revealed in the ways that we are different.

Unlike the ideas of the West where nature was observed in human terms, to the ancient Taoist, nature was a teacher. Poets made an art form out of capturing nature existing just so, and the masters studied natural processes to understand the human condition.

Inspired by the Tao of Nature, two ancient works of literature emerged. The I Ching, or Book of Changes explores natural phenomena to reveal how one can move artfully through the way of change. The Tao te Ching is translated as a "Book that cultivates te when one follows Tao."

"Hold fast to the Way of Tao.
The ability to know
the beginning of antiquity
is the thread
running through the way."

Tao and Science

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