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The Midheaven

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The highest point in the chart is called the midheaven and begins the 10th house of career. This position is associated with the father and planets or aspects to the midheaven can describe issues with the father. Regardless of the father’s sun sign, the sign ruling the 10th house will often portray what father ‘felt’ like to you. Where the fourth house (or nadir) is associated with security, comfort and the mother, it is often the father that sets the stage for the type of career we will strive to achieve. The tenth house is called Public Standing and any transits to this house can bring about notoriety, fame or changes in our work attitude. The sixth house will describe the day to day duties and behavior toward work but the midheaven is like the big carrot or true north showing the career that we are continuously seeking.


Midheaven in Aries (Ruled by Mars)

Aries on the Midheaven shows a pioneering attitude toward ambition. One is an initiator and thrives on challenges. Plenty of freedom to manifest one's vision is necessary in cultivating a rewarding career. The father may have been an entrepreneur, athlete or instilled a good sense of competition in the native. Any career involving leadership and innovation would prove rewarding.

Midheaven in Taurus (Ruled by Venus)

Taurus on the Midheaven makes one very security oriented. Any changes to the career are well thought out and not made in haste. Taurus excels in the financial arena so the stock market or financial management is a good career choice. There may be some stubbornness demonstrated by the father. The native may also follow an ambition tied to the arts, as Venus rules Taurus. Fashion, Beauty, Music, Finance and Culinary pursuits are all favored by this placement.

Midheaven in Gemini (Ruled by airy Mercury)

Gemini on the Midheaven suggests ambition associated with communication, writing and possibly duality, where one can juggle two different careers. This duality can also be apparent in relation to the father where a stepfather or surrogate fatherly figure may have influenced the native. Strong inquisitiveness and a tendency to master many career directions at once is indicated by this placement.

Midheaven in Cancer (Ruled by the Moon)

Cancer on the Midheaven can sometimes swap the roles of the parents, where the father may have been the nurturer. Strong management and organizational skills can place the native in a position of leadership. Real estate investment or sales is an area that is favored. Anything related to nurturing others or the home figures prominently.

Midheaven in Leo (Ruled by the Sun)

Leo on the Midheaven places emphasis on a career which is influenced heavily by the personality. Teaching, performing or leading others to maximize their potential is favored by this placement. The father may have been a strong and proud parent, focusing on goals that the native learns are the cornerstone to success. A very proud nature makes one highly concerned with being respected by others. Any career that allows for ingenuity, an optimistic outlook and talent would be a good choice for this placement.

Midheaven in Virgo (Ruled by earthy Mercury)

Virgo on the Midheaven suggests an analytical career that can be associated with the earthy sciences. Highly intellectual, Mercury can lead one towards system analysis, operations management or any type of career which focuses on details. The father can appear somewhat reserved and highly analytical. There can be a strong drive to achieve success but what is important to the native is perfectionism so anything that allows for organization and practical applications will be favored.

Midheaven in Libra (Ruled by airy Venus)

Libra on the Midheaven brings Venus into focus so the career can revolve around beauty or diplomacy. The native has a gift for arbitrating as Libra is able to understand different perspectives and quell disagreements. Human Resources, Fashion, Beauty or any career that allows one to activate grace in their work environment would be fulfilling. There is also an entertainer's streak to this placement so a bubbly and magnetic persona may be what leads one toward success. The father may appear humorous, open minded and also diplomatic which leads the native to pursue a career that allows for those traits.

Midheaven in Scorpio (Ruled by Pluto)

Scorpio on the Midheaven can lead the native into a career in psychology or social sciences. Anything that allows for probing beneath the surface and getting at the deeper elements of life would be favored. This is an intense placement and perhaps the father was also deep and interested in personal transformation. The native knows that ultimately they are responsible for their experiences and they are tenacious in achieving success but more importantly, their work has to be meaningful. Anything that involves detective work, digging, mystery or simply probing by sensing the seeds of genius in others would be a fulfilling career.

Midheaven in Sagittarius (Ruled by Jupiter)

Sagittarius on the Midheaven can lead one toward a career in sales, sports or adventure. Sagittarius is drawn to the outdoors and finds satisfaction in testing one's abilities against the forces of nature. Any career which allows one to redefine themselves each day would be favored, and this is why they excel in sales positions. They may also enjoy sports training, exercise or a career which involves philosophy and even religion. Jupiter as the ruler of Sagittarius brings a sense of optimism to one's attitude about career. The father can appear jovial, non committal and sometimes childish but his enthusiasm has a positive effect on the native. Sagittarius excels at teaching and can be fond of history or anything that supports a philosophical outlook.

Midheaven in Capricorn (Ruled by Saturn)

Capricorn on the Midheaven brings much emphasis to the idea that hard work is required for success. The native will pursue their goals methodically and can work for long periods of time without reward, knowing that the end result is lasting success. This is the natural placement for Capricorn so the native will more than likely show executive leadership skills and excel in business. The father may not have been emotionally demonstrative but he instilled a work ethic in the native. Careers involving business development, merchandising and manufacturing can prove successful. A traditional approach to ambition is highlighted and the native has a natural penchant for understanding the mechanics of industry. A career involving world trade, executive leadership or managing a large enterprise is favored.

Midheaven in Aquarius (Ruled by Uranus)

Aquarius on the Midheaven may find difficulty associating work with ego or the type of conforming pressures others put on the native. While they are scientific, intellectually driven and capable, they are also deeply attracted to doing something that serves humanity. Environmental or social work would be highly fulfilling. This is also an excellent placement for the sciences. The father may have been somewhat of an iconoclast, a thinker before their time and may have offered a lot of latitude for the native to find their own way. This placement asks one to listen intently to the sound of their own drummer and following this would be far more fulfilling than doing what everyone else is doing. This a self starter position and allows the native to design a uniquely individualistic career. It is important that it is somehow tied into serving the collective and not just ego aims. Uranus brings originality of thought and innovation as talents that can be tapped at work.

Midheaven in Pisces (Ruled by Neptune)

Pisces on the Midheaven is a perfect placement for spiritual careers that can involve teaching and healing. Neptune is the planet least associated with ego so career direction based solely on money or what other people associate with success would not satisfy. It can be difficult in early life to find one's calling because of the pressures of conformity. The native will usually feel different, misunderstood and possible be aimless for a period of time until they understand that Pisces and Neptune operate at a higher level. The native can travel around the world in search of enlightenment and return to share their light with others. Medical professions or any type of healing work would be favored. The father can appear nebulous or he may have been a healer. There is not a lot pressure to achieve success with this placement because success will be tied to a higher calling. Music and fine art careers are also favored by this placement.